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Carlsgatan 6- 8
21120 Malmö
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55.610646, 12.9993955
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    10.00 - 13.00
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03. jan 2023 kl. 10:52

Hello, can you tell me if the folllowing people are working for you in Malmö: Sarah Russell, Peter Seth and a certain Mr.Leo? The last one sent me a message this morning asking for money. Dietrich Schaefer

07. jul 2022 kl. 10:27

Impossible to get any help. We where on holiday and my iPhone crashed. Had to restart and therefore lost my bank ID. For some reason the personal code didn’t work and when we called for help they couldn’t do anything about the problem (as usual) and the only thing they could do was to order a new code to our home, which would take 6 days because of the weekend. We had to organize someone to go to our house and give us the code (which definitely isn’t a great option regarding safety) and the code didn’t work.. then we had to do it all over again but this time they where gonna send us a card reader which we could not use before we got home. All in all we got home 2 weeks later and the card reader doesn’t work. After not being able to get into our bank while being on holiday. This has absolutely effected our time away. It’s fascinating to me that a bank has no option for people in this situation. I’m sure we are not the only once stuck in another country/town that need help with their bank. Specially when it’s their system that have the error, because the issue is that the personal number the personal code / card reader doesn’t Match.

Can’t really see the point of customer service - they can’t do anything anyway

15. okt 2014 kl. 13:58

Har beställt ett id-kort undrar var det blir av? Beställde den 9 sept. inte fått något meddelande ännu. Rune Kjellberg.

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