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26. jul 2022 kl. 9:42

I am Sarah Alberio (199903265461), I wanted to advise you that I have paid the invoice for the rent of August ( OCR: 299971994 ) for SSSB accomodation in Lappis.

I wanted to ask you if the bank can receive the payment if the account number and clearing number have NOT been added anywhere in the bankgiro.

Since I don't know if I need to re do another bankgiro to be sure that the bank receive it correctly, since I don't want to lose the offer of your accomodation.

If I made two bankgiro this month and both of them are correct, can I take one for the rent of the next month/ receive back the money from one of the two bankgiro?

Thank you in advance,

Sarah Alberio

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